Corrosion protection consulting

Steel is a fascinating material which apparently knows no limits. It is often the preferred choice when objects have to last for ever. However, its biggest enemy is corrosion. With the multitude of possibilities available today, corrosion protection has developed to become its own specialist area within the field of steel construction.

Our years of experience and perfect product alignment have made us specialists in this field. For us, it is a matter of course to execute corrosion protection systems according to customer specifications of the highest quality standard. We are happy to advise you and to find the optimum procedure for your product and field of application. And regarding effects on the environment, we are happy to advise you in order to harmonise economic and environmental aspects as effectively as possible.

  • We assist you in all questions regarding the topic of corrosion and corrosion protection
  • Support in the interpretation of technical standards
  • Clarification of boundary conditions for the development of sustainable corrosion protection concepts
  • Preparation of object-specific execution specifications for initial protection work and repairs
  • Evaluation of suitable materials and coating systems
  • Creation and revision of specifications




Construction consulting by experts

Competent, product and object-related consulting with specialist and technical know-how are a matter of course for us? We already support you in the interpretation of all relevant construction details. In this way, construction errors can already be avoided in the concept phase, and costs and time can be saved. Place your trust in us in all questions regarding surface technology.

Checklist for correct galvanisation:

  • No bulky components
  • Avoid distortion
  • Avoid dead corners and angles / provide openings at overlaps
  • Do not weld profiles across their surface
  • Add inlet and drainage possibilities
  • Provide a sufficient quantity and number of inlet and outlet holes
  • Avoid paint residues and welding slag
  • Add attachment possibilities

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Hot-dip galvanising is an extremely durable form of corrosion protection. According to the DIN EN ISO 14713-1, Table 2, a protection duration of more than 100 years can be achieved.

The zinc covering offers a reliable corrosion protection which is executed industrially and under defined conditions acc. DIN EN ISO 1461. Therefore, the requirements on the properties and reliability of hot-dip galvanising are clearly defined.

Hot-dip galvanising is maintenance free. Therefore, they are one of the least expensive long-term protection systems (because they protect longer and do not generate subsequent costs). It must be remembered that maintenance work in particular generates additional costs and can also cause problems, in particular in areas which are hard to reach. Maintenance free corrosion protection is therefore worth its weight in gold.