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As pioneers in the field of rust protection, we repeatedly set accentuations in the branch. For this reason, the galvanising plants Heek, Stadtlohn and Sulz are members of the Hot-dip Galvanising Industrial Association:

Our galvanising plants are part of the Lichtgitter Group, which has successfully established itself on the market as one of the leading manufacturers in the field of industrial floor coverings. More detailed information:

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Hot-dip galvanising is an extremely durable form of corrosion protection. According to the DIN EN ISO 14713-1, Table 2, a protection duration of more than 100 years can be achieved.

The zinc covering offers a reliable corrosion protection which is executed industrially and under defined conditions acc. DIN EN ISO 1461. Therefore, the requirements on the properties and reliability of hot-dip galvanising are clearly defined.

Hot-dip galvanising is maintenance free. Therefore, they are one of the least expensive long-term protection systems (because they protect longer and do not generate subsequent costs). It must be remembered that maintenance work in particular generates additional costs and can also cause problems, in particular in areas which are hard to reach. Maintenance free corrosion protection is therefore worth its weight in gold.